Games and Toys

The Black Panther

The Black Panther, the Marvel Comics Action Figure, is "Straight otta Africa".  Movie coming soon. Click here to view  the trailer.  

My Natural Hair Doll

This Black Owned company designs, My Natural Hair Doll,  beautiful dolls whose hair texture and complexion mirror the diversity of children who are of African descent.  Check her out! 

Black Heritage Game

This Black Heritage Game  introduces children to the history, cultural experiences and contributions of African American. 

My Natural Doll: Mushiya

Keleshe, My Natural Doll is the first available doll in the My Natural Doll collection.  Sporting an African-inspired print dress, and big, billowy 100% natural hair, she reflects the natural beauty of African girls. 


Africa's oldest game, the Mancala 

10 Days in Africa

10 Days in Africa will have you traveling throughout the continent of Africa learning geography. 

Educational Games & Materials

History Maker Puzzle

The History Maker Puzzle is a 30-piece wooden block puzzle set with six sides of play that teach children  the alphabet, colors, numbers, history and leadership concepts.  All characters are of African descent.  Comes with a mini history booklet. Ages 2-7.

Puzzle of Africa

This labeled puzzle of Africa helps children learn the names of countries as well as the geography of the continent. For ages 4-12.

Shower Curtain: The World

Tell me what your child sees and I can tell you who they are...let your child take in images that always push their learning!  This shower curtain helps them to explore geography while brushing their teeth or preparing for bath!

Afriqu'enjeux Board Game

This family friendly trivia board game, Afriqu'enjeux, is one of our favorites.  The questions are in English and French.  Have fun testing your knowledge of Africa.  Fun for the entire family. My husband and I play with our 5 and 9 year old. 

My First Matching Game

My First Matching Game is a Black heroes memory game for ages 3-6.

Peters Projection Map

The Peters Projection Map offers one of the few accurate depictions of the world, with Africa in its truest perspective.