Teach Your Child Financial Literacy

Danny Dollar Millionaire

Danny Dollar Millionaire teaches children how to build their relationship with money.  They learn, through storytelling, about saving, investing, donating, earning and spending. 

Moja Financial Literacy Box for Children

Teach your child how to develop a healthy relationship with money!

Includes:  Book, Money Envelope, African Proverbs focused on financial literacy and a letter to the parent. 

Cashflow Game

Cash Flow 

This highly engaging game focuses on financial strategies and accounting principles. 

Financial Peace Junior

This game allows you to teach your children that money comes from work and about the importance of giving, saving and spending. Financial Peace Junior is tailored for children ages 3–12. 

Act Your Wage

Be the first player to pay off all your debts and yell “I’m Debt Free” in this fun and competitive game of finances from Dave. Keep your savings up and expenses down. Your family and friends will see how fun it really is to “win” with money! 

Adventure Pack

The Adventure Pack which includes Dave Ramsey's  Financial Peace Junior, a storybook set, PDFs, the Smart Saver Bank and fun games and activities that will teach kids how to save and the importance of giving.